Seef Boulevard

A Blend of Elegance and Modern Utility


Nestled in the vibrant heart of Seef, Seef Boulevard stands as a symbol of urban sophistication and innovative design. Developed by Bareeq Al Reetaj, a longstanding client of Kooheji Contractors, this monumental project showcases our shared vision for architectural brilliance. this monumental project showcases our shared vision for architectural brilliance. As the appointed main contractors, Kooheji Contractors is honored to bring this mixed-use marvel to life, intertwining commercial, residential, and office spaces into a harmonious urban landscape.


Detailed Project Breakdown: 


Basement Floor: Covering an area of 8,670 sq. meters and positioned 4 meters below road level, it provides 183 dedicated parking slots and incorporates vital service areas such as substations, electrical rooms, and water tanks.

Ground Floor: With a footprint of 8,670 sq. meters, this level brims with 20 vibrant retail and F&B outlets, complemented by elegant landscaped areas, inviting seating zones, and pedestrian-friendly walkways.

Building B1: Houses 8 retail outlets on the ground floor, paired with a state-of-the-art gym and dedicated male & female health centers on the first floor, and followed by 6 floors of premium office spaces.

Building B2: Features 4 retail units on the ground level and an expansive, modern office space on its first floor.

Building B3: Dedicated to F&B, with outlets occupying both the ground and first floors.

Building B4: The ground floor welcomes visitors with 7 retail outlets, while the subsequent six floors are adorned with 18 luxurious residential units, designed to cater to a myriad of preferences.

Parking: An impressive array of 206 parking spaces, ensuring effortless access for residents, office-goers, and visitors.

Versatile Design: A seamless blend of retail, F&B, corporate, and residential spaces, offering an eclectic mix of amenities.

Prime Spot: Located in Seef, a premium locale in Bahrain, the project boasts optimal accessibility.


Seef Boulevard is a testament to the collaborative spirit between Bareeq Al Reetaj and Kooheji Contractors. With Bareeq Al Reetaj's visionary approach and Kooheji Contractor's expertise, the project is set to redefine Bahrain's architectural landmarks. Together, we are crafting a future that resonates with luxury, convenience, and contemporary design.


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