Coast Guard

New Coast Guard Project majorly comprises of Marine Structures supported by Administrative buildings, electromechanical workshops, staff accommodation complexes, guardrooms & fuel stations. Marine Works includes slipway, boat ramp, breakwater, floating pontoons & basin boat hoists. The project also includes site infrastructure work along with one Helipad.


Marine Basin consists of 16000 Sqm of catchment area whereas building and infra work contributes 15100 Sqm and 19200 Sqm respectively.


Total Project Contract Value is BHD 11.52 million. The project is estimated to be completed by the end of Sep’21. The Project is being developed to safeguard the Coastal line of Bahrain as well as the maintenance of boats & yachts.


Special Security Force Command Project comprises of their

headquarters, auditorium building, electromechanical workshops, main vehicle service building, vehicle administration and wash bay buildings. Projects also consist of site infrastructure, road works, potable water lines, stormwater & sewage lines, street lighting systems.


Building and Workshops involve 42700 Sqm built up whereas Infrastructure development work consists of 101000 Sqm of hard landscaping in the form of paving for roads, parking & footpaths. The development of a beautiful landscape of 31000 Sqm is also a part of this project.


The total Project Contract Value is BHD13.36 million. The project was completed in June 2023. The project is developed to upgrade the building & infrastructure facilities for Special Security Forces.


Million BHD

16 K

sqm Catchment Area

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