Joinery Factory

Kooheji Contractors Joinery Division was established in 1983 where it has become one of the most renowned turnkey fit-out contractors and manufacturers in Bahrain. It defines a wide range of high-quality joinery, bespoke furniture, kitchen doors, closets, and luxury fit-out solutions for hotels, retail shops, and residential projects.

The Joinery Division at KC is one of the largest woodworking factories in Bahrain with a total area of 120,000 sq. ft equipped with
the latest European machinery and technology.

At KC Joinery we are able to deliver world-class projects at competitive prices by leveraging a well-established supply chain management, in-house interior design, state-of-art technology, an experienced management team and a highly skilled workforce.

Services We Offer

Turnkey Fit-Out

Kooheji Contractors Joinery factory offers complete interior fit-out solutions, where we match and customize to our client needs and requirements.


Bespoke Furniture & Hospitality Manufacturing

With state-of-the-art technology, an experienced team and with a highly skilled workforce, we deliver world-class bespoke furniture and carry out hospitality manufacturing for a wide range of projects.

Retail Fixtures & Fittings

Kooheji Contractors Joinery excels in all aspects of retail environments from small boutiques to large department stores and manufactures shop-fittings. We have an expert understanding of what our clients need, and serve them as per requirements.

Kitchens & Closets

Kooheji Contractors Joinery delivers exquisite kitchens & closets built to the highest standard. Customized around you and your preferences. Our expert manufacturing team has solutions for every budget and style.


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Kooheji Contractors celebrates 50th Anniversary

Kooheji Contractors celebrates 50th Anniversary

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